Chinese Consul General visiting USZCN Portland headquarter
BY: USZCN April 29, 2016

Portland News, April 29th, 2016. The Consul General Ren Faqiang, along with Consul Li Guangpeng and Mr. Lan Jin, President of Oregon-China Sister State Relations Council visited USZCN’s Portland headquarter and received warmest welcome from CEO Jason An, General Manager Ed Sun and others.

Jason introduced the fast growth of USZCN’s business in the past few years thanks to the booming cross-border ecommerce business in China. The company started with 600 square feet warehouse and 2 employees 5 years ago growing to currently over 50K square feet space and over 80 employees. The company also expanded and set up new branches in Los Angles, CA, Seattle, WA, as well as Japan and New Zealand. USZCN has built a reputation as a professional and efficient global logistics and eCommerce Company.

Consul Ren said that he was very happy to see a Chinese-owned company establish locally, create job opportunities, contribute tax, promote local economy and support local community. Ren pointed out that China is Oregon’s largest export market and Number 1 trade partner. He hopes that companies like USZCN will continue to promote the China-Oregon business and economy development. Ren also asked for feedback and suggestion for the new online import tax policy started on April 8th.


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